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Why Omega NC800 Is The Ultimate Juicer Available

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Welcome to my blog again and to my second blog post. Hope I find you in good mood since today I'm going to present you my best friend in the kitchen - my juicer.

In today’s world of technologies, extracting juices by hand or different manual methods sounds stupid, doesn’t it? In the hectic lifestyle, it is not possible for everyone to fit in the green veggies and fruits into their diet, but taking in fruit juices is always an option. People generally go for these juices with their meals. This does not strain them much and they can easily take in the desired nutrition. To extract the juices, having a good juicer has become very important for your kitchen needs. The juicer ought to have all the qualities. It should be easy to clean and should cause the minimum wastage. The juicers also should come at a very affordable price and matching all these criteria for a juicer is never easy.

Omega has been one of the leading brands of juicers. The juicers offered by omega have been ruling the market for over thirty years now. Not only the juicers but the other appliances too have been the highest rated among the best sellers. If you cannot settle for anything other than the best, the Omega NC800 is a must buy for your kitchen. The Omega NC800 may not be the first choice of the customers but is definitely among the top 10 juicers on your list. The product has been used by the customers for months and the reviews have been fantastic.

I took at every Omega NC800 review out there and a lot of customer reviews and having studied the results for people having used the juicer for more than 4 months now, the experience has been remarkable. The omega juicers have always been known for their reliability and power but the Omega NC800 has its own specialty and uniqueness. Here are a few features that are actually remarkable:

  • The juicer is highly reliable and consumes less power.

  • The juicer comes in a very classy and elegant look that is meant to compliment all types of kitchen decors.

  • It can easily turn any fruit or vegetable into the fresh and tasty juices that are absolutely lip smacking.

  • The warranty that it comes with gives you the total and absolute value for your money.

  • Other than these features here is a list of pros and cons that people talked about after using the juicer for a period of about 4 months-


  1. The omega NC800 is light weight juicer that can be carried easily. You can move it throughout your kitchen very easily.

  2. The juicer has one of the best cleaning facilities and you can clean it without any sort of efforts from your side.

  3. The juice and yield is much more when compared with the most other juicers available in the market at the same price.

  4. The exterior of the juicer attracts people towards it. It can practically fit in with any of the decor that your kitchen has. The sleek and elegant look increases the beauty of your kitchen.

  5. The chute is wider and does not require much time for juicing. It is more efficient when compared with the other juicers of the same price range.

  6. The guaranty period adds to the reliability of the product and you need not think before getting the product


  1. Although the exterior is beautiful and curvaceous, the product is made up of plastic. Hence, if you are looking for a durable material like stainless steel, it is definitely not the one.

  2. The softer fruits may sometimes create problem as they sometimes get clogged into the auger. In such a case taking the fruit pulp out becomes difficult and tedious.

The best part of having the juicer is that it allows minimal wastage. The juicer comes in all the parts required for turning the produce into the juice. There will be hardly anything remaining. The main reason behind considering the NC800 model is that there is minimum friction while producing the juices and it thereby allows the juicer to rotate slowly causing less oxidation of the juice and thereby receiving the best quality juice. In order to maintain the juicer properly, you need to clean the juicer properly after every use. This will increase the durability of your juicer allowing the parts to work better in the future.

I hope that my experience with Omega NC800 has inspired you to go out there and implement this splendid habit of juicing. If you're not sure if this particular model would be right fit for you, I may suggest you to look at some other masticating juicers reviews and decide yourself. In any case, my suggestion is to go with masticating juicer rather than centrifugal since they perform way better with most vegetables and fruits and the juice yield is higher.

Well that's it from me for today. My next post is coming soon. Happy juicing!


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